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Why straightening your teeth with adult braces could change how people see you

Apparently, 45% of us Brits say that we dislike our teeth, and more and more of us are turning to orthodontic treatment to correct problems we once thought we would have to put up with forever.

One of the biggest driving forces behind getting adult braces fitted is a desire to have a more attractive smile and to make a lasting positive impression. It would seem the perceptions around straight vs. crooked teeth are significant in terms of how the alignment of your teeth can influence your life and how other people respond to you.

Invisalign Survey

A study by Invisalign several years ago – during which 1,047 people were surveyed – found that 29% of people notice someone’s teeth before any other feature when they first meet them; 24% also said this is the facial aspect that they remember most after the meeting.

Straighter teeth are also a sign of success, with 45% of people saying they perceive those with straight teeth to be more professionally and financially successful – 58% more successful, in fact! – than those with crooked teeth.

Your teeth can influence how easy it is to find and keep a partner. The study by Invisalign found that people with straight teeth in their online dating profiles are 57% more likely to get a date than those with crooked teeth, based on their picture alone. A staggering 38% of respondents said they wouldn’t consider a second date with someone with misaligned teeth. Apparently, this is a bigger deal breaker than the potential mate still living with their parents!

The study also found that people connect more positive descriptions with men and women who have straight teeth. They are 21% more likely to be seen as happy, 47% more likely to be viewed as healthy, and 38% more likely to be perceived as intelligent.

How attractive your smile is will even influence how much other people trust you. Approximately 73% of people view a nice smile as more trustworthy than a good job, well-presented clothes, or expensive care.

Finally, the study found that 87% of people would be prepared to go without something they love for a year if they could have a nice smile for the rest of their life – for some, this meant giving up dessert, while others would sacrifice their holidays for a more attractive smile.

There’s no doubt that an unguarded smile can transcend all languages to show people that you are warm and approachable. When you confidently show your teeth and they look healthy and well cared for, you make a statement about how you value your health, well-being and self-care, which are all attractive qualities.

We love that we are able to offer such a wide choice of adult braces to help our patients achieve the straighter, more attractive smiles they’ve always wanted. That they can tap into these positive perceptions about straight teeth is undoubtedly a bonus.

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You can also read more about the benefits of Invisalign for adults in one of our other blogs.

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