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Why more adults are getting braces in Bolton

More and more adults are seeking out orthodontic braces and cosmetic treatment in Bolton. Could this be a direct result of the recent olympics and new found desire to get fit and push their bodies into shape? If you didn’t already know, smiling aids fitness! Smiling whilst weight training has been proved to help you lift higher weights more effectively, and smiles are definitely a great asset if you’re a runner; casual or professional. 

Hiroaki Tanaka is a Sports and Health Science professor at Japan’s Fukuoka university and he has recently reported the findings of his important research; for optimal results you should smile while you jog. Running at a slower ‘smiling pace’ is more effective in lowering blood pressure and improving overall fitness.

In a test group of 75 year olds, (because it’s never too late to take up running) the majority experienced lower blood pressure when running and smiling. Smiling is good for fitness and health; consequently if you look healthier, you’ll also be more attractive. That’s a great reason to smile more…but what if you’re too embarrassed about your smile to display it in public?

Adult braces can fix your smile

Just as it’s never too late to take up running, it’s also never too late to get your teeth straightened. The health benefits of getting your teeth straightened with adult braces far outweigh any social awkwardness you may be worried about. The very modern and discreet brace options we also here at the Harwood Dental practice in Bolton will align your teeth in as little as 4 months, giving you a straighter, more flattering smile fast, whilst also reducing your chances of suffering from gum disease. It’s important to take care of your teeth after braces treatment.

Your adult brace options in Bolton

  • Invisalign adult braces- The leading Invisalign brand provide you with a series of clear plastic alignment trays, which fit over your teeth, are custom-made for you and will drag your teeth into a more desirable position. Not only are these braces very discreet and hard to see, but they also removable, so if you have an upcoming social occasion at which you’d really rather not be wearing braces, that’s entirely possible. Invisalign can fix most alignment problems.
  • Inman Aligners adult braces – Like the Invisalign brand, Inman Aligners are removable. However they offer a shorter treatment time because they focus simply on the front social 6 teeth.
  • Simply Smile and 6 Month Smiles adult braces – These braces also focus on your front 6 teeth and have a short treatment time. They consist of ultra clear brackets and tooth coloured wires, which are discreet, gentle, precise and very reliable.
  • Secret Smile – These lingual braces are often favoured by celebrities because they fit onto the back of your teeth, rather than the front, making them even harder to detect.

To join the growing numbers of perfect smilers in Bolton, why not pop in to the Harwood Dental practice, or give our expert team a call. We’ll be able to book you in for a consultation which will assess your alignment problems and give you an idea of how quick and easy it will be to achieve straighter teeth.

For more information about getting Invisalign in Harwood, Bolton, please contact Harwood Dental Care today! Call us on 01204 304568, email or complete our appointment form.


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