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Nervous patients during consultation

Facing Your Fear Of The Dentist

We’re a friendly bunch here in Bolton, and our dentists do all they can to put our patients at ease. After all, we deal with some very young and small children with the tiniest of teeth, and we also see plenty of adults who need dental restorations, too.

A fear of the dentist is incredibly common, and nothing to feel embarrassed about. After all, you don’t always know what to expect from your treatment, and it’s easy to be concerned about our smiles when we’re showing them every time we talk and eat!  In this post, we’ll go over some great ways to deal with your fear of the dentist once and for all, so you can be happy and comfortable whatever the treatment.

1. Tell us

It sounds silly, but one of the best things you can do is talk to us if you’re anxious. We see dental anxiety day in and day out, and our Harwood dentists are specially trained in handling this type of fear. We’ll probably even have some ideas you haven’t thought of – and our friendly chairside manner is immediately calming for even the most worked-up patient.

2. Bring a friend

Even with the most routine procedures like hygiene checks, it can help to have a friend or family member there for moral support. And our Bolton dentists support this, too – after all, your friend may well have been in your shoes!

3. Stay calm

Whether you want to zone out with music, read through a book or close your eyes and focus on your breathing, there’s lots you can do before, during and after your dental appointment to take your mind off proceedings.

4. Have a conversation

Our dentists will help explain what we’re doing as we’re doing it, so you don’t need to be worried about what’s happening. And, quite often, we’ll enjoy an opportunity to chat about you and what you’ve been doing since your last visit. It isn’t always easy to talk when you’re in the dentist’s chair, but we take the opportunity where we can!

5. Book a consultation

Many types of dental treatment require a consultation with our qualified Harwood dentists ahead of a treatment, which is the perfect time to settle nerves as we can explain what’s involved and answer those burning questions.

6. Check out our reviews

Reading all the lovely, positive experiences our patients have here at our Bolton practice can really help calm your nerves and can give you some unbiased opinions about our approach and the treatments we have available.

Book with us

We’d love to welcome you to our bright and friendly dental practice, so get in touch with our team of Bolton dentists and we’ll welcome you to an appointment at a time to suit you!

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