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5 Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Have a Beautiful Smile In Time For A Special Occasion

Summer is a time for holidays, weddings and making memories with our friends and family. With Teeth Whitening at Harwood Dental Care, you can ensure you’re looking your best no matter what the activity. With fast, long-lasting results you can guarantee a gorgeous smile in a matter of days.

Boost Your Confidence

When you have discoloured teeth it can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance; particularly your smile. This low self-esteem can make you timid when attending social events, meeting new people and prevent you from living your life to the fullest. After Teeth Whitening at Harwood Dental Care these insecurities will be lifted, and with no anxiety about your appearance to hold you back, you can regain your confidence.

You can safely get the best possible results

Some people have previously avoided enquiring about teeth whitening because they fear it will be harmful to their oral health, but this is untrue. The staining of teeth is mostly visible because of foods that you have eaten over time, which is not irreparable damage. Teeth whitening purely reverses the effects of the discolouration, leaving you with a fantastic smile. The Teeth Whitening treatments at Harwood Dental Care are safe, and only ever carried out by a member of our experienced, professional team.

Convenient and Flexible Around Your Lifestyle

Teeth Whitening at Harwood Dental Care offers fantastic results with no compromise on your lifestyle. With whitening treatments available both in practice and from the comfort of your own home, you can achieve a beautiful smile with a procedure that is constructed around you.

Dentist-Supervised Home Whitening provides you with bespoke thin plastic mouth guards, produced by your dentist to fit your mouth perfectly. All you’re required to do is squeeze the whitening solution into the trays and wear them for as little as half an hour to receive fantastic results in a matter of days.

Enlighten Whitening is carried out at our Bolton practice by our experienced practitioners, and guarantees you ‘B1’ industry standard white shade results! ‘Super sealed’ whitening guards keep the whitening gel on teeth for longer which ensures you a fantastic smile. During your final Teeth Whitening appointment, you will be entitled to a power booster session, which will help to maintain your incredible results.

A Cost-Effective Treatment

All Teeth Whitening treatment journeys begin with a FREE consultation at our Bolton practice. Costs begin from just £300 and include support and professional advice throughout your treatment.

If you are wondering whether Teeth Whitening may be the right treatment for you, why not get in touch with our friendly and informative team? They will happily provide you with more information, or book you in for a free consultation.

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