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What The treatment process looks like at Harwood Dental in Bolton

Whether you’re a new patient or a previous patient, you’ll benefit from getting to grips with our treatment process here in Bolton. After all, clear expectations about your treatment and what’s involved in your care can help offset any anxiety or dental nerves and mean you benefit from everything that’s available to you – whether it’s the routine, the restorative or the cosmetic.

What The treatment process looks like at Harwood Dental in Bolton

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1. Consultation

With many of our treatments – especially the restorative and the aesthetic – a consultation is absolutely key. With so many things to factor into your decision (dental history, cost, preferences), you’ll want to make sure every box is ticked. A consultation is a two-way street, so it’s not just about you feeling more comfortable and informed. It’s also an opportunity for us to check if the treatment is right for you, get all the information we need ahead of the day and keep you safe and comfortable throughout.

2. Treatment

Our treatments are delivered in our state-of-the-art Bolton dental practice. We invest in the best equipment and treatments available to deliver high-quality care to all our patients. For example, we offer the leading brace, Invisalign, here at our dental practice.

During your treatment, you may have questions about what we’re carrying out, so we’ll keep you informed as we go. You might want to have relaxing music on or, conversely, focus on your treatment without noise and distraction. You might also want a chaperone with you for comfort and peace of mind. We’ll help make whatever adjustments you need to ensure your treatment goes smoothly and comfortably.

Finally, if the treatment is being carried out on a child or someone with dental worries, you can relax. Our dentists are specially trained in treating a wide range of ages and dispositions, with a friendly and welcoming chairside manner.

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3. Aftercare

Many of our treatments involve aftercare. Sometimes, this is just a case of perfecting your oral care routine. Other times, you might need to avoid certain foods, take specific medication or avoid various activities. We’ll always explain these to you in detail, along with a rationale for each. And if you need a follow-up or check-up at any time, you only need to ask.

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Whether it’s an everyday scale and polish to get those pearly whites shining again, or it’s a complex case like dental implants, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our experts and we’ll book you in for dental treatment or consultation at a time and date to suit you. We look forward to seeing you here in Bolton very soon.

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