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Just how invisible are invisible braces?

Teeth straightening is becoming more and more popular with adults, with many realising that achieving a straighter smile isn’t just confined to your teenage years. What most tend to shy away from, however, is the unattractive metallic look. This is where your friendly Bolton dental practice, Harwood Dental Care, can step in. Invisible braces and clear braces aren’t just a glimpse into the future, they’re available right here in Bolton! They can straighten your teeth relatively quickly, avoid the train-track effect of traditional braces, and some can even be removed to eat, brush, and chew…

So just how invisible are these invisible braces?

We offer 4 types of clear braces, all of which are incredibly discrete and ensure confidential treatment. We have options to suit all needs, budgets, and time frames.

The Inman Aligner is a form of clear brace that fits a clear bracket over the front top and bottom teeth, ensuring the maintenance of your cosmetic smile. It’s specifically designed for straightening the front teeth, providing excellent results within an incredible time frame (as little as 6 weeks!). What’s more, this brace system is completely removable, so it can be taken out for eating, brushing your teeth, and the occasional night out, so there’s no need to limit your diet or lifestyle!

The Simply Smile system uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires fitted to front of the teeth to ensure a discrete tooth straightening journey. While these aren’t removable, they are exceptionally good at straightening your cosmetic smile by focussing on the front teeth. Your treatment time is far shorter than with traditional braces, because they act only on the targeted cosmetic area.

Six Month Smiles are a clear braces system that don’t just focus on the cosmetic teeth, but also their symmetry, improving bite, alleviating crowding, and improving gum levels. It uses the same clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires as the Simply Smile system, but it addresses far more than just the cosmetic considerations.

Secret Smile offers the ultimate fixed brace solution with their invisible braces. These braces are fitted to the back of your front teeth, making them totally invisible. They improve your cosmetic smile without anyone being the wiser. Treatment with these braces is far quicker than with traditional braces because they target one specific smile concern, and the fitting process is totally painless.

So, there you have it. That’s how invisible our invisible braces really are! Removable, tooth-coloured, or clear, our solutions have a range of attractive qualities suitable for all manner of budgets and needs. Discretely blending into your natural smile and with comparatively far shorter treatment times, they can deliver exceptional results in a fraction of the time.

Teeth straightening doesn’t have to mean bulky braces and metallic mouths, it can be as simple as removable and discrete teeth straightening. Hiding your smile in photos, not grinning with your teeth when the moment strikes you, and feeling self-conscious about your teeth is no fun for anyone at any age, which is why more and more adults are seeing the benefits of teeth straightening. It’s so easy and quick to rectify, and we can help get you started.

Pop into our Bolton dental practice and speak to a member of our team about clear braces, enquire online, or call us on 01204 304568. Start your journey to a straighter smile today!

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