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What Happens If You Don’t Brush Your Teeth?

It’s a question we’d all love to know the answer to – even if we’re a bit shy to ask! In this post, our dentists here in Harwood, Bolton talk through the consequences of poor dental hygiene, and what might happen to your mouth, teeth and gums if you neglect to brush your smile.

1. Staining

Staining is probably the least of your concerns, but it’s a good place to start. This can occur for lots of different reasons, but dentists usually categorise staining as being to one of three groups:

Extrinsic – the first group talks about surface staining that is usually caused by smoking, diet and neglecting brushing.

Intrinsic – this is staining that’s under the surface, where particles have gathered inside the tooth. It can be caused by extrinsic staining that’s worked its way into the tooth.

Age-related – the dentin inside the tooth yellows naturally with age, which can cause discolouration. At the same time, the outer enamel thins. Poor oral routine and extrinsic staining can make this worse.

In many cases, dentists can use teeth whitening can help restore the brightness and shine to the smile.

2. Gum disease

Gingivitis (sore, inflamed gums) and eventually periodontitis (where the gums and bone recede away from the teeth) are two big reasons to keep up with your oral healthcare routine, and to attend regular check-ups at our dentists here in Harwood.  

One huge side-effect of gum disease is teeth loosening in their sockets and eventually falling out. Missing teeth can cause bone loss in the jaw and severely affect your ability to talk, smile, chew and more, as well as creating a sunken appearance to the face. Dental implants can successfully replace missing teeth, but rely on having healthy gum tissue and underlying bone to ensure the dental implants can properly anchor in place.

3. Decay

Cavities – small holes in the tooth – can start to form if you don’t brush and floss twice a day. That’s because harmful plaque and bacteria accumulate on the tooth and effectively ‘eat away’ at the protective enamel. This is often worse in those tiny gaps between the teeth. A tooth which is extremely decayed, which can’t be fixed with a crown, may be able to be replaced with a dental implant.

Helping you stay healthy

These form just a handful or oral health problems associated with a lack of proper oral care. That’s why our dentists here in Harwood work hard to educate our patients on how to take care of their smile. To find out more, get in touch with our team of dentists today – we’d be happy to arrange a check-up and give you some more personalised advice!

Furthermore, you can see how braces could help prevent and help bad breath.

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