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Looking for a new general dentist in Bolton?

A frightening percentage of people in the UK are not currently registered with a dental practice. Perhaps you’re one of them? For as long as your teeth don’t cause you any discomfort, you’re probably happy with the situation. However, what do you do when something goes wrong? Having a dentist close to home in the Bolton area ensures that you and your kids receive preferential treatment.

Tooth pain is often cited as one of the most aggravating types of pain a person can experience and if you’re not visiting the dentist for regular checkups, you are at a significantly higher risk of experiencing toothache.

So, you’re in Bolton, in pain, and you’re looking for a dentist who can provide pain relief given it is not an emergency. If you’re not registered with the practice, you’ll be at the bottom of the customer priority list and may even have to try a few different dental practices before you can find an appointment without having to wait for a few weeks. If you are registered with a practice such as ours; the Harwood Dental practice in Bolton, you can simply walk right in and we’ll fix the problem.

Why choose the Harwood Dental practice in Bolton?

Our Harwood dentist offer a comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry service. We will provide ongoing, reliable maintenance of your teeth via regular check ups in a bid to prevent future problems. Should tooth problems occur, we will already be familiar with your teeth.

Should you be concerned about any hygiene problems, our hygienist will be able to provide a solution. You won’t need to worry about not having fresh breath, or that your teeth are not looking perfect ever again. We offer an emergency service that will ensure we investigate the source of any tooth pain you might be experiencing as quickly as possible and relieve the discomfort.

Obviously, looking after your children’s teeth is even more of a priority. Did you know that a third of children are already showing signs of tooth decay on their first day of school? We can help your child to avoid becoming part of that statistic. We’ll also teach your child effective brushing techniques to help him or her look after their own teeth. You may have shown him or her how to brush their own teeth, or still be doing it for them, but how sure are you, that every single food deposit is being removed at each brushing session?

Food deposits left on teeth can lead to tooth decay and food deposits left near the gumline can harden, turn into plaque and eventually cause gum disease. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease and diabetes. This is how important regular, effective maintenance of your teeth is. These are the kind of health problems your dentist can help you avoid.

If you’d like to register at our practice and give yourself access to dental care when you need it, around the clock, please give us a call. Our friendly reception team will be able to make an appointment for you to come in and sign the relevant paperwork, as well as make an appointment for you to see our dentist or hygienist. Don’t wait until it’s too late to prevent tooth loss. Register with us in Bolton today and ensure your teeth are protected.

You can also read into why we encourage a regular routine of dental checkups in one of our other blogs.

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