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When should your children start visiting your Bolton dentist?

The Times newspaper reported this summer that due to record levels of tooth decay in children on their first day of school, parents should take them for their first dental visit from the age of one. This will have given most children the chance to experience their first teeth emerging through their gums and give your kids the opportunity to realise from a very young age that visiting our Bolton dentist isn’t scary at all. They’ll even get a sticker!

Milk teeth need to be checked, but as well as looking at your children’s teeth, your dentist in Bolton will be able to assess future problems and plan for them to ensure your child enjoys as few dental problems as possible.

It’s all too commonly the case that a child’s first visit to the Harwood dentist occurs because the appearance of tooth decay has made it necessary. This means that when your child visits our Bolton dentist for the first time, he or she will be in pain, stressed out and then have to endure the alien experience of having the dentist poking uncomfortably around in his or her mouth in order to alleviate the pain and remedy the dental issue.

You can see how this would be a scary event for a child who isn’t sure what’s happening. It may even cause a painful memory that will make your child reluctant to visit the dentist again. If you don’t want to scare your child off visiting the dentist because you want your kids to have clean, healthy teeth, that look attractive, it’s best to bring them to the dentist in Bolton for a checkup before they suffer from any sort of dental issue.

We will also provide your children with dietary advice to help avoid tooth decay and brushing technique suggestions to ensure your child is keeping his or her teeth sufficiently clean to avoid problems. How sure are you that you’re brushing your very young child’s teeth thoroughly enough? We can give you tips too. Let us help your child to help him or herself.

Here at our Bolton dental practice we welcome all new patients; adults and children. We can arrange family appointments which will conveniently enable you all to share the same appointment. If you’re nervous, please be reassured that we will use our training to put you at ease, by explaining every step of any procedure you may need and offering you effective pain relief solutions should they be needed.

If you believe you are experiencing a dental emergency, we will be able to assess your condition over the phone. Then, if the emergency is occurring in office hours, we’ll fit you in as soon as possible. If it’s occurring outside of office hours, we can refer you to the on-call emergency dentist.

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We are sure you don’t want your children to suffer the unnecessary pain of tooth decay, so why not come and register with us; your Harwood dentist in Bolton. We’ll take care of your family’s teeth for you. Call our dental team or email us on

You can also read more about how you can care for children’s teeth in one of our other blogs.

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